Thai Equity Market 21-25 Mar 2016

Thailand’s stock market in the final week of March is still set to close at around 1,390-1,410 points. When JAS failed to pay for the 900MHz licenses (worth 75,654 million baht), investors have directed their focus on the ICT industry, believing that the number of mobile operators will decrease.

Thai Equity Market 22-26 Feb 2016

Thailand’s equity market is expected to fall in the early 2016, due to the global economy expansion and high interest rates. The majority of investors are likely to hold on to their cash - one of the reasons why the SET Index has dropped sharply during the first week of 2016. Despite all the setbacks, the Thai stock market is slowly on the mend after January.

Thai Equity Market 29 Feb-4 Mar 2016

The Thai stock market is steadily on the rise following February. The Federal Reserve System (FED) has decided not to make any sudden changes to interest rates, and investors have returned to the stock market for this reason. The first week of March has seen SET Index jump to 1,379.53 points, a 2.7% increase from February.

Thai Equity Market 7-11 Mar 2016

Thailand’s economy in the second week of March is still in fluctuation. But the stock market is on the rise following the European Central Bank’s attempt to decrease interest rates and inject liquidity into the financial system. Some of the factors that contribute to this growth include:

The Bank of Japan is all set to relax its policies in times of fiscal difficulties
The FED has delayed raising interest rates
Oil prices are standing strong at $40 per barrel

However, following Jasmine International’s announcement of a 6 billion baht share buyback, the SET Index has closed at 1,393.41 points, a mere 1% increase.

Thai Equity Market 14-18 Mar 2016

In the third week of March, Thailand’s stock market continued to fluctuate in accordance with policy changes from central banks in various countries. In the meantime, prices of energy stocks have now reflected the oil prices at $40 per barrel. The SET Index is now close to the resistance line at 1,400 points, and investors are in a rush to sell out their stocks to make profit.