About Us

Who We Are

Talis Asset Management Company Limited was founded in 2015 by Thailand’s most renowned professionals in the financial industry. We understand that each investor has different financial goals, budget constraints, and degrees of risk tolerance. That’s why we offer sound financial advice and customized investment services to suit your goals.

Our investment specialists invest in financial instruments that have high and consistent return potential. Our management structure, operations, internal control systems, and staff are closely monitored by the SEC to ensure that our practice complies with the law, Fiduciary Duties, and Good Corporate Governance.

Our Mission

“TALIS” = Excellence

Trust | Accountability | Learning | Innovation | Synergy

We invest in our people to ensure that our clients’ investment goals are met, and to endorse the growth of Thailand’s capital market.

Our Management Team


Ms. Savanananda has over 20 years of experience in the industry. She spent over 15 years as the CEO of TMB Asset management before moving to run SCB Asset Management where she built and managed the largest amount of asset under management in the country. Ms. Savanananda has garnered various awards for her accomplishments, including the ThaiBMA 2012 Fixed Income Fund Recognition Award; the 2013 Asia Asset Management Journal CEO of the Year, and Most Innovative Product Awards; The Asset’s Best Asset Management Company in Thailand award; and, last but not least, for many consecutive years, the Reader’s Digest’s Trusted Brands Gold Award in the Investment Fund Company category.


With over 20 years experience as a financial advisor, Mr. Tantixalerm has served many prestigious companies. He played the CEO role of Krungsri Securities Public Company Limited and Krungsri Asset Management for over nine years. His excellent track record while working at Krungsri Asset Management led to the highest number of local investment funds (LIF) and long-term equity funds (LTF) Thailand has ever seen.


Mr. Tonpibulsak has over 25 years of financial investment experience. Prior to joining Talis Asset Management, he worked as a security analyst, a fund manager, a financial advisor, the Chief Investment Officer for Krungsri Asset Management, as well as the director of a manufacturing company. There, he leveraged his expertise in debt structuring and successfully saved the company from going under; even more impressive, he made them profitable. It comes as no surprise that he’s earned numerous awards including the Money & Wealth Award (LTF), The Rising Star, the asset management Firm of the Year Award from Asset Magazine, the Outstanding Asset Management Company Award from the Stock Exchange of Thailand, and the Best Money Market Fund and Best RMF Fixed Income Fund Awards from Money & Banking Magazine.


Mr. Prabhasanobol has over 25 years of experience in public investment management, property management, and business development, in both domestic and international markets. He also specializes in macroeconomics, finance, social, and economic development. Prior to joining Talis Asset Management, Mr. Prabhasanobol served as Chairman of the risk management committees for some of Thailand’s top financial services firms.


Mr. Chantanotoke is a highly successful asset management specialist who adopted a modern investment concept, garnering approval from many experts in the financial, banking and insurance industries. He currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at Siam Commercial Bank.


Ms. Chanchamcharat is one of the founders of TMB Asset Management with over 20 years of fund management experience. In addition to TMB Asset Management, she was with SCB Asset Management for five years and held management positions as fund manager and operations supervisor, where she honed her skills in customer service, corporate strategy, business development, and resource management. When it comes to the ins and outs of asset management, her insight is second-to-none.


Mr. Techalert is a dynamic and accomplished executive with a proven track record in the capital markets. His expertise encompasses product development, risk management, and the successful establishment of a renowned financial and investment media platform. He currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at LTMH Public Company Limited.