Privacy Notice

Talis Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“TALIS”) upholds the importance of privacy and therefore emphasizes personal data protection for our clients as we strive to offer the best services.  We would like to take this opportunity to present our data privacy policy which outlines how we collect, use, and disclose data of persons who use our services and/or products through our various channels.

Visiting our website

Clients are welcomed to use our website to obtain information about our fund products and various services, or find out more information about the company.  You need not reveal any personal data to TALIS to visit the website, if you do not wish to subscribe and receive news updates from us.

TALIS regularly updates and refreshes its website and may use software to help describe how visitors use our website in order to enable us to better tailor the website to suit our intended clients.  Data collected include statistics such as the time of visit and duration, which pages were viewed and for how long, the internet provider, and what other websites were viewed before and after visiting our website.

TALIS may observe how existing account holders tend to use and browse through information and links on our website, as well as which services they use.  As part of our data protection policy, TALIS may use cookies for tracking purposes, which involves cookies being sent from our website to the user’s computer and remains active while the viewer is using the website.  Note that cookies are configured by us and are no longer active after tracking implemented by TALIS is finished; see TALIS’s cookies policy.

Collection, usage, and disclosure of personal data

TALIS collects, uses, and discloses personal data which are collected directly, indirectly or through other sources, only as necessary or relevant to perform contractual obligations and/or to obtain services from TALIS to achieve the intended purposes which the client is already aware of.

Personal data refers to information about the client which may expose the person’s identity, either directly or indirectly, such as name, surname, date of birth, ID card number, passport number (for foreign nationals), address, telephone number, e-mail, financial data, etc.  However, this excludes data on deceased individuals.

The company may collect personal data that is sensitive data if the company obtains consent from the client or if the law permits.  However, only data that is necessary for the intended purpose will be collected.

TALIS collects client’s personal data when you apply and/or enter a contract to use our services and/or products as follows:

  • Data the company receives from you when you register or fill out forms to apply to use services and products, such as your name, surname, ID card number, passport number, address, telephone number, date of birth, sex, e-mail, photo, financial data, profession, work place, signature, etc.  The data collected varies according to the application or form being filled out.
  • Your legal records such as history of violating money laundering laws.
  • Financial data such as your income level, source of income, tax records, credit history, etc.
  • Data about fund products you invest in and services you use, including various transactions and activities you have with the company such as orders to buy/sell units of funds under management, payment records, etc.
  • Status with regards to laws on money laundering and financing of terrorism, bankruptcy laws, and US laws to curb tax evasion by individuals and companies conducting cross-border transactions (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act or FATCA).
  • Data regarding usage of our website and other websites or applications which access our products and services.
  • Your contact history with the company such as conversation records, telephone numbers, complaints, and saved data collected when you contact our staff or use our various channels.
  • Data you submit to the company in order to access our services or participate in any company activities such as topics of interests, preferences, etc.
  • Personal data which the law requires the company to collect, use, and disclose which are obtained when you contact or apply to use our products and/or enter a contract agreement with the company.
  • Any other personal data which the law requires that consent is obtained from you before being collected.  The company will inform you and seek your consent before collecting such data or by follow the time period stipulated by law.

If you do not reveal certain personal data or do not provide consent and/or withdraw your consent to allow us to collect, use, and/or reveal data, this may prevent the company from processing your request or servicing you.

When you submit personal data of a third party to the company (a third party includes, but is not limited to, family members or ultimate beneficiaries of the investment), you are considered to have certified and guaranteed the data’s accuracy and have certified and guaranteed that you have already fully notified the third party about details of this privacy notice.

Purpose of collection, usage, and disclosure of personal data

TALIS is required to process your personal data according to stated purposes such as:

  1. To perform tasks according to contract or agreement made between the company and the data owner such as to provide a service, carry out tasks requested by the data owner, or perform the tasks required by the contract.
  2. To process your request to obtain a service, form a contract agreement, or handle a task as required by law.  Examples include processing your account opening application.
  3. To comply with laws and regulations, court orders, regulatory agencies and authorities such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, Bank of Thailand, Anti-Money Laundering Office, Legal Execution Department, and Stock Exchange of Thailand.
  4. Legitimate benefits of strengthened risk management, system and network security, supervision and formulation of new product development, etc.
  5. Enhance the business relationship between client and company, such as arrangement of training seminars, feedback surveys, etc.
  6. Carry out tasks which the client has already provided consent, such as receiving notifications and introductions to products and/or services.

TALIS uses your personal data for aforementioned purposes when:

  • you have granted consent to the company
  • there is a need to comply with the requirements of the law
  • necessary to perform the tasks required by the contract agreement between you and TALIS, or to process your application to establish a contract agreement
  • necessary to protect or stop threats to vital interests, bodily harm or physical health of the individual
  • necessary for the company to perform tasks for the public benefit or carry out public tasks empowered by the state
  • necessary to provide legitimate benefits to the company, individual, or juristic person unless such benefits are of lesser importance compared to basic rights to your personal data.

Duration of period personal data is maintained

  • TALIS only maintains your personal data as necessary based on data processing needs and purposes.  This also includes complying with any legal requirements such as having to preserve the client’s personal data for at least 10 years following termination of account relationship with the client as required by anti-money laundering laws.
  • The period can also be dependent on the duration of any legal case.  TALIS will keep your personal data in the appropriate form in accordance to the type of personal data maintained.  However, it is also necessary for the company to keep your personal data after a legal case has been settled in order to comply with other relevant laws that apply.
  • The company will take appropriate steps to delete or destroy or remove your identity from such data once the data preservation period has ended.

Usage and disclosure of an individual’s personal data

Once the individual has given consent, or if use of personal data is necessary to carry out contractual obligations or comply with the law or for any other legitimate reasons, TALIS may submit, transfer, use and/or disclose an individual’s personal data to a third party domiciled either domestically or in a foreign country.  TALIS may disclose or use an individual’s personal data in accordance with the aforementioned purposes with third parties such as:

  • business partners, including directors, staff, subcontractors or representatives of those companies
  • regulatory agencies that supervises asset management companies or other authorities empowered to instruct TALIS to submit personal data or assets of individuals, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Anti-Money Laundering Office, Stock Exchange of Thailand, Legal Execution Department, Revenue Department, etc.
  • court of law, police, and other authorities empowered by the law to publicly inspect, prosecute, and press charges.
  • agencies, organizations, third parties, and any other juristic person with a contract agreement or business relationship with TALIS whereby we will need to reveal an individual’s personal data in order to process the services required by the contract.  Examples include the fund trustee, Thailand Securities Depository Company Limited, SET Trade Dot Com Company Limited, etc.

The individual’s rights to one’s personal data

Personal data protection law stipulates that the individual possess certain rights regarding one’s own personal data that is collected and used by the company.

    1. Right to access and obtain a copy of one’s personal data, including the right to request the company to reveal how any unauthorized personal data was collected without the individual’s consent.
    2. For data which the company has already transformed into automated machine readable format or allow disclosure through machine readable methods, the data owner has the right to request to obtain or transfer one’s personal data to another automated data controller.  This excludes cases where it is technically not possible, or involves transfer of personal data which the company must use to perform a public task or to comply with the law, or would violate the rights and freedom of other individuals.
    3. Right to object to the collection, usage, or disclosure of one’s personal data, such as applying one’s personal data for marketing purposes.
    4. Right to delete or destroy or remove one’s identity from personal data.
    5. Right to request temporary suspension of the use of one’s personal data.
    6. Right to request the amendment of one’s personal data.
    7. Right to revoke permission previously given to the company to collect, use, and/or disclose one’s personal data that required consent.

The rights of the data owner depend on other associated factors.  TALIS reserves the rights to reject certain requests according to terms stated by the law.  If TALIS is unable to process your request, we will make a record of the rejected task and the reasoning.  If you request to delete or remove your identity from your personal data or to withdraw a previously given consent to use your personal data, this can affect our ability to perform our contractual obligations and provide other services due to absence of personal data about you.  The company will not be able to provide some services which needs to use such information.

As laws and regulations permit, TALIS may apply charges as appropriate to cover the expense of processing the aforementioned requests.  The company will finish processing your request within 30 (thirty) days after your request is received by the company.

Contact us

To make any of the aforementioned requests permitted by law, or to inquire further about personal data collection, usage and disclosure, please contact TALIS at

  • Website: and select “DPO Office”
  • Telephone: 020150222 press 0
  • Send postal letter to:   Talis Asset Management Company Limited, AIA Capital Center, 89 10th Fl., Room 1001-1002, Ratchadapisek Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400.  Attn: “Personal Data Protection Officer”